The Voombox Party delivers its stunning audio with the industry leading 6 drivers design. Equipped with the impressive 30watts of audio power, this flagship model equipped with the latest audio technology, which all precision-tuned by the Divoom sound engineers. On top of its major audio improvements, the new Voombox-Party can also charge your mobile device with its new charging capability. The award winning rugged design withstands any harsh environment, while the NFC pairing and built-in microphone enables the convenience features.


  • Rugged, weatherized design withstands any harsh environments. Enjoy your music at the beach, at the game, or in the backyard
  • The mind blowing 6 drivers design is featuring two 3” powerful full range drivers, two 3” deep bass passive radiators, and two high performance tweeters; all professionally tuned with the latest DSP technology and Divoom audio engineers.
  • Built-in 6000mAh rechargeable Li-on battery, enables 8 hours of playback time, as well as charging your mobile device
  • Integrated microphone offers hands-free speakerphone functionality, and NFC for easy pairing with any NFC enabled device


Dimensions:233L x 54W x 103H mm
Driver size:4 x 3” Full Range/Passive + 2 x Tweeter
Output power:30W
Signal to noise ratio:≥75dB
Battery Capacity:6000 mAh
Battery Voltage:3.7 V
Battery Charge Time:3-4h hours
Wireless Range:Up to 10 meters
Bluetooth compliant:Bluetooth4.1
Play Time:Up to 8 hours
USB Charging Output:500mA


Connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth device by
latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology


Two powerful 3” full-range,two deep-bass
3” passive radiators,and two high-performance
tweeters,this industry leading six drivers design is
powered by a whopping 30-watts audio power


Rugged, weatherized design withstands the
harshest conditions; enjoy your music at the
beach, at the game or in the backyard


Packing with a massive 6000mAh rechargeable battery, you can
enjoy eight hours of non-stop music from dusk till dawn
as well as charging your mobile device


Built-in powerful mic to make and take calls wirelessly
on your own or in a group


NFC for easy pairing with any NFC enabled device


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