Divoom Voombox-Travel is an ultra-portable wireless speaker with the built-in microphone. A tough built metal case with the brilliantly sounded speaker, all hand-picked and fine-tuned by Divoom’s professional audio engineers. The Divoom Voombox-Travel is built-to last, and it will accompany you on your journeys.


  • Professionally tuned speaker with a passive radiator for the enhanced bass
  • Withstand any outdoor environment with its splash-proof and rugged durable design
  • Travel friendly with the compact design and 6 Hours playback time
  • Latest Bluetooth technology ensure the most stable connection
  • Compact design with the long lasting rechargeable battery and a built-in microphone


Dimensions:89L x 45W x 127H mm
Driver size:2"full range x 2"passive radiator
Output power:5W
Signal to noise ratio: ≥75dB
Battery Capacity:700 mAh
Battery Voltage:3.7 V
Battery Charge Time:2-2.5h hours
Wireless Range:Up to 10 meters
Bluetooth compliant:Bluetooth
Bluetooth profile support:A2DP Stereo
Talk Time:Up to 6 hours
Microphone sensitivity:-40 db


2''driver and a 2”passive radiator
for impressive bass for its size


Splash-Proof design can withstand any
harsh outdoor environment


Built-in microphone lets users make
and receive calls wirelessly on their
own or in a group


Rechargeable polymer li-ion battery
provides up to 6 hours of non-stop music


  • Practical, versatile and stylish, yet rugged enough to be taken
    into just about any environment, the wireless Voombox Travel
    Speaker is the perfect gift for outdoor and music loving
    gadget fans. As a whole, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is one
    gift idea that is worth every penny of its price.

  • The ruggedized finish and water resistant properties make the Travel
    a great choice for your summer adventures.  The clip makes it even
    better for moving around, strapped to your bag or pack and you’ll
    love the big, crisp booming sound.  Be sure to check out the Divoom Travel today!

  • Divoom is getting good at making inexpensive audio accessories, not
    only in the quality of the sound they produce, but the quality of the
    build as well.  The Divoom Voombox Travel is a great little companion
    device when you’re heading out doors and want something easy to
    carry for a little background sound.

  • The sound is pretty darn good for the price and size of the speaker.
    The Divoom Voombox-Travel uses a single 2-inch speaker (and a
    2-inch passive radiator) which means everything from the highs to
    lows are handled by this one speaker. It is a great rugged Bluetooth
    speaker for the price…..

  • I certainly cannot pretend to be an audiophile, but these speakers
    sound great. The Voombox-Travel has a 2-inch full range driver with a
    2-inch passive radiator that delivers incredible bass. In fact,
    considering the palm size of these speakers, I was quite surprised that
    they could deliver such powerful sound.

  • In the world of portable speakers, there are three key boxes to tick.
    How good is the music quality? How small is it? And is it durable?
    For the Voombox’ s £50 price tag it certainly ticks all three boxes
    without any major drawbacks. The music quality, clarity and in
    particular, the volume, is remarkable.

  • When it comes to speakers I think that the bass is very important.
    So when I saw on the casing that it said the Divoom Voombox Travel
    had a super bass, I was excited to play my music. I was definitely not
    disappointed. As Nicki Minaj would say “Boom, badoom, boom, boom,
    badoom, boom, bass Yeah, that’s the super bass.” ....

  • Conclusion:When I first started using the Voombox Travel I liked it a
    lot, particularly its build quality, and was leaning toward rating it 4
    stars (at excellent). I also thought it sounded decent for its size and
    price. My only reservation about the product is that it does vibrate at
    high volumes and can move around on smooth, flat surfaces (such as
    a table). It also distorts at high volumes.

  • Divoom introduces the palm-size, conveniently weather-compatible
    Bluetooth speakers, measuring only 3-inches in circumference. The
    speakers are rechargeable, splash-resistant and ultra portable...