Divoom Pixoo-64 - Cornice digitale WiFi Pixel Cloud con controllo APP, cornice per display a pannello 64 X 64 LED

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$209.99 USD
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What is Pixoo?

A functional display 

A creativity outlet 

A gadget to relive the golden age of gaming and pixelated art 

A perfect gift 

Voice Control with Alexa

Start your pixel art journey!

Unleash your creativity with easy-to-create pixel art designs at your fingertips, or explore over 1000+ designs in our free pixel art community on the Divoom app, easily connectable via 4G or 2G WiFi.

Gaming enhancement

Ascend the ranks with Pixoo-64 as it showcases your KDA, in-game prowess, and match outcomes.

Hear from Top Creators

Social Media Tracker

Monitor your video or social media account's performance effortlessly. With Pixoo-64, celebrate every achievement alongside your followers.

Real-Time Financial Updates 

Pixoo-64 effortlessly retrieves online financial data via its WiFi connection, showcasing your chosen stock or cryptocurrency prices in real-time.