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Can not pair the Bluetooth or Divoom app does not show your device

1. Turning off the Bluetooth/cellphone, then restart the Bluetooth/mobile phone; you can also reset the speaker (press and hold the light button for more than 10s to reset the speaker)

2. Clear the infrequently used pairings in the Bluetooth list (if there are too many devices, it will sometimes affect Bluetooth pairing)

3. Restart Divoom app or reopen your cellphone

4. Whether there is a sound of successful Bluetooth connection when turning on the device, judge whether anyone else has connected the device, it is recommended to customize the pairing password (if connected by others: press the Bluetooth button for traditional speakers to disconnect the Bluetooth; press the power button twice to disconnect Bluetooth or long press the light button for more than 10S to reset the pixel speaker)

5. Try another mobile phone (it may be that some mobile phones have compatibility issues or the mobile phone Bluetooth version is too low)

6. If the above ways does not work, please try: IOS system, especially ios13.1 or ios13.2, it is recommended to upgrade the new-released ios system; Android system, it is recommended to try another mobile phone

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