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How long will it take to ship my parcel(s)?

Do you ship worldwide?

I messed up my delivery address, what do I do?

About import duties

Will I be charged import duty


[Pixoo64] freezes, restarts in an infinite loop

pixoo64 can't configure network

pixoo64 cannot boot

【PIXOO64】Screen problem

【Pixoo64】Developer+Open Source+SDK+API+Open Source

【Pixoo64】How to reset

【Pixoo64】How to disassemble

About product

Can not pair the Bluetooth or Divoom app does not show your device

The speaker cannot be charged normally?

Machine noise, broken sound

Unable to power on

How to restore the factory settings of the speaker?

How to set the alarm

FM does not work

About recording function?

Can the light of the ditoo keyboard be turned off?

The weather temperature displayed by the device does not match the actual temperature

Can speakers be connected in series? How to connect? Why can't it be connected in series? (TWS function)

All keys can not be used?

How to change the time?

Standby time of the product

Cannot recognize TF card?

Users can't display APP community pictures normally when using Android phones?

Can I set my favorite song as alarm ringtone?

No sound

Charging indicator, charging time.

APP cannot log in

Sleep mode has no function

Voice control mode does not work

Product Bluetooth chip

Why are smart reminders useless?

Product speaker size/number

APP alarm clock will not alarm every other day

What should I do if I forget the connection password?

Is the phone playing after connecting to Bluetooth?

The voice reduces the brightness to a black screen

Playing song freezes