Divoom Ditoo-Pro Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

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What is Ditoo Pro?

Not your average speaker! With its nostalgic pixel art display and smart functions like alarm clock and notification alerts, it's more than just a sound system. 

A bluetooth speaker 

A functional display 

A creativity outlet 

A gadget to relive the golden age of gaming and pixelated art 

A perfect gift 

A Speaker for Everyone

Whether you're a fan of pixel art, a music lover, or just someone who appreciates innovative gadgets, the Ditoo Pro Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker is sure to delight. Bring a touch of nostalgia to your home or office while enjoying premium sound and smart functionality

A Functional Gadget 

Stay organized and connected with its alarm clock and notification center functionalities, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Hear from Top Creators

Ignite your creative spark

In addition to informative displays, you can showcase Pixelated Art Designs! Get creative with your own designs or explore over 1000+ captivating designs in our vibrant pixel art community on the Divoom app.

A perfect gift for your friends and family

What could be a more perfect gift than a versatile, nostalgic Bluetooth speaker that lets you unleash your creativity? With its customizable pixel art display, Bluetooth speaker capabilities, and practical functions like an alarm clock, this device offers both entertainment and utility for individuals of all ages and interests. Its innovative design seamlessly blends retro charm with modern technology, making it a distinctive and heartfelt gift option.