Times Gate Review

Times Gate Review

Inspired by the future of technology, Divoom has introduced the Times Gate display, aimed to transform any gaming set-up and take your desktop to a whole new level of personalised sci-fi creativity.

With five full-colour LCD displays, the Times Gate is fully customizable through the Divoom App. Each screen can be customized with different pre-set or personally designed pixel artworks. What makes the Times Gate special is that it is also WIFI enabled and so can be used to show real-time data such as your social media performance, financial market changes or even just the time.

I set up the Times Gate on my desk and downloaded the app. It was easy to get started, and soon I was playing with all the various pre-set pixel art and info-graphic options. I was thoroughly impressed by the look of the Times Gate as the backlighting and LCD screens make your display fully customizable to your needs. I think for a gaming set-up this would make a great addition as you can even customize the lights to match your desktop backlighting. This would be especially great for streamers, influencers, or tech-savvy companies to keep track of social media figures and celebrate huge milestones in real-time.

A lovely bonus of the Time Gate is that it comes in a super futuristic case making it a great gifting option for the gamer, sci-fi or cyber-punk fan in your life. It’s a great gift to help enhance anyone’s desktop, workstation or gaming set-up that looks as if it has landed right on your desk from the future with its sci-fi design. Therefore, the Times Gate is an incredible smart data gadget that celebrates pixel art and allows you to fully customize your display and make your space truly unique to you.


- Futuristic sci-fi design

- Fully customizable setup

- WIFI-enabled real-time data screens


 By thegadgethead.com

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