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Divoom Pixoo-64 - Cadre numérique Wi-Fi Pixel Cloud avec contrôle APP, cadre d'affichage à panneau LED 64 x 64

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Illuminate Your World with
Pixoo 64

Where Every Pixel Tells a Story

The Divoom Pixoo-64 allows you to create digital art and decorate your home the way you like. This cutting-edge 10.3-inch pixel art display not only brightens your space but also brings your ideas to life through its vibrant 64x64 LED panel.

Whether it's creating stunning pixel art, tracking social media engagement, or enhancing your gaming atmosphere, the Pixoo-64 is designed to do it all with flair and precision.

From Artistic Inspiration to Technological Innovation

Inspired by pixel art's emotional impact, our developers envisioned a dynamic, interactive canvas that merges creativity with real-time connectivity, leading to the creation of the Pixoo-64.

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Pixoo 64

Personalized Wake-Up Calls

Begin your mornings with custom messages, the day’s weather, or your schedule displayed in lively pixel art.

Components That Make
Divoom Pixoo 64 a Technological Marvel

Dynamic LED Panel

At the heart of the Pixoo-64 is its robust 64x64 pixel LED screen, which boasts 4096 lamp beads for clear and vibrant visual display. This high-resolution screen brings your pixel art and digital data to life with stunning clarity and color accuracy.

Who is it for?

Spoiler: Everyone!

Digital Artists

Your canvas of infinite possibilities awaits


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