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Divoom Pixoo-Max|ピクセルディスプレイ| 32 X 32 プログラマブル LED スクリーン

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Transform Your Space With
Pixoo Max

Stunning Art & Immersive Entertainment

Unleash your creativity with the Divoom Pixoo-Max - the 32x32 LED display that's revolutionizing home decor and digital expression!

Join over 300,000 artists, tech enthusiasts, and interior design lovers who've transformed their spaces into vibrant, interactive masterpieces. It's not just a display - it's your gateway to a pixel-perfect world!

Advance Smart Alarm

Experience customizable alarms with soothing visuals, drift off to sleep with tailored light therapy, and wake up refreshed—say goodbye to groggy mornings with the Pixoo Max.


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Hear from Top Creators

Unlock a world of endless features
Pixoo Max

The Pixoo Max

Transform any space with vibrant pixel art creations controlled via our intuitive mobile app, enhancing both decor and ambiance.

Who is it for?

Spoiler: Everyone!

Digital Artists

Your canvas of infinite possibilities awaits

Pixel Art Creation

In addition to informative displays, you can showcase Pixelated Art Designs! Get creative with your own designs or explore over 1000+ captivating designs in our vibrant pixel art community on the Divoom app.


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