Divoom Ditoo-Pro レトロ ピクセル アート Bluetooth スピーカー

セール価格$143.00 通常価格$206.00

目を引くガジェット: このレトロな PC デザインのピクセル スピーカーは、ゲーム ルームのデスクトップ セットアップに最適です。

Bluetooth スピーカー: 適切に調整された 10W DSP Ditoo Pro スピーカーと、ピクセル アート デザインがイコライザーに合わせて再生され、踊ります。

ピクセル アートの作成: ピクセル アート デザインを指先で簡単に作成できます。また、Divoom アプリから無料のピクセル アート コミュニティで 1,000 人以上のデザイナーにアクセスできます。

愛する人への完璧なギフトアイデア: 素敵なギフトパッケージとユニークなデザインは、誕生日、クリスマス、卒業式、バレンタインのギフト、その他の季節のホリデーイベントに最適です。

Divoom Ditoo-Pro のかわいいアクセサリーは、家に閉じこもっているときに気分を明るくしてくれます。

色: white
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The Retro Pixel Art Portable Speaker


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Media and KOL are all talking about Divoom

Six reasons that you should choose Ditoo

Ditoo Pro is the most interesting gadget for you, and here are the reasons:


1.Vintage Style Design

Stylish vintage PC design
RGB keyboard w/light effects Functional pulling lever


Great audio quality

10 watts output audio driver
360°audio directions
Bass enhance port design


Advance smart alarm

Customizable daily alarm clock Customizable sleep aid function Calibrated ambient light effects


DIY Pixel art creation

Pixel art creation w/drawing tools Picture/GIF pixel art conversion Massive online gallery & community


Massive daily function

SNS notification (WhatsAPP, Line & more...)
Classic mini games
Helpful daily tools


Great gift for anyone

Gift ready package design Personalized startup message Multiple available colours

49 RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Professionally Tuned Speaker

10W DSP Digital Amplified Audio

Dual Passive Design

Discover the pixel art magic

Pixel art is simple, Pixel art is fun. This LED panel is also a portal to the world of Pixel art

Internet Radio

App-enabled 50000+ Internet radio stations


Enjoy your favorite tunes on Spotify, iTunes or any music APP

TF Card

Play your favorite MP3 straight from a TF card (up to 64GB)

DIY pixel art creation

Creating pixel art animation is easy, sharing your creation is even easier. Ditoo-Plus is your gateway to the world of pixel art.
 - Multiple Drawing Tools
- Customizable text editor
- Photo/GIF/MP4 conversion to pixel art


Ever missed a family message or an important call? Ditoo provides a visual notification to remind you the incoming event, even your phone’s in silent mode.

Mini Games

Enjoy the mini games on your Ditoo.From the legendary.we got them all! Magic 8 ball Dice Snake

Need a weather forecast?

Divoom Smart is linked with the online weather service provider. We can provide the accurate weather information & forecast to you.

Voice memo

Want to leave a voice message for the family? Ditoo can record a voice message up to a minute, and it will automatically erased after play, so your privacy stay safe.

DJ mixer

Want to jam with your favorite beats? Professional DJ mixer and audio instruments at your fingertip Record your own remix and show to your friends Record/Playback remix 24 individual instruments 96 DJ sound

Divoom Smart is the universal companion APP for the Divoom pixel art speakers Create and share your designs, as well as to like/follow/interact with over 1.5 million users

More details


Dimensions: 114.2×90×121.2 mm

Speaker size: 48mm

Output power: 15W

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB

 Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh

Battery Voltage: 3.6 V

Battery Charge Time: 4h hours

 Playback Time: Up to 8 hours

 Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0

Weight: 533g

Frequency Response: 30-20K Hz

Wireless range: 10M/33ft