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Divoom Backpack-S Pixel Art LED Backpack

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Your Smart, Stylish, and Spacious Digital Canvas
Backpack S

Step into the spotlight with the Divoom Backpack-S - the world's first pixel art LED backpack! This isn't just a bag - it's your personal billboard, safety device, and organizational wizard all in one stylish package.

Join over 200,000 trendsetters, students, and urban explorers who've already turned heads with their Backpack-S!

Mind-Blowing LED Pixel Art Display

Turn heads with a vibrant pixel screen. Showcase art, express your mood, and stand out in any crowd.

Pixel Art

YouTube Videos

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Why customers love
Backpack S

Customizable LED Screen

Express yourself with endless pixel art designs. Use the Divoom app to create, upload, or choose from thousands of pre-made designs.

Cutting-Edge Tech Specs of the Divoom Backpack S

Extensive Battery Life

Up to 6 hours of vibrant LED display use on just one charge, ensuring long-lasting performance throughout your day.


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