Retro Pixel Art Speaker, Best Christmas Gift Idea

Retro Pixel Art Speaker, Best Christmas Gift Idea

Designed with a retro vintage feel like many of the old computers and arcade machines we are familiar with, the Ditoo-Pro is an all-around useful little gadget that allows you to listen to your favourite music, create exceptional pixel art and receive your notifications all in one little device.

The Ditoo-Pro comes in the great packaging we expect from Divoom, a lovely gift bag and a little case for your Ditoo-Pro, which already adds a level of quality to the speaker. Upon opening, you are met with a small square screen with a small keyboard below. Once turned on the keyboard glows red, green and blue, and has a fun little lever which allows you to control the device and your music. I connected to the Ditoo-Pro via Bluetooth, and it played my music at an impressive volume for such a small device. The internal speaker has a 10-watt output and delivers 360° sound, perfect for filling your room.

However, the speaker is so much more than a retro-style mini speaker! The Ditoo-Pro also has a customizable pixel art display which allows you to create your own artwork to be displayed on the screen. To do this you simply have to download the Divoom app and connect to your Ditoo-Pro. There you have access to a whole gallery of online images, as well as the space to create your own pixel art. I loved that I could change and personalise the art depending on the day or the setting, great for parties when using the speaker. The pixel art also adds yet another future retro feel to the Ditoo-Pro.

However, whilst not being used as a speaker you can also use the Ditoo-Pro as an alarm clock, to get notifications, to check the weather or even as a nightlight. The versatility of the Ditoo-Pro is what makes it such a great gift for your loved one this Christmas. The Ditoo-Pro is a nifty gadget that for its size packs such a punch. I loved that I could see notifications whilst at my desk as the pixel art changes to show this – great when your phone is not next to you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique gift that helps with a range of daily tasks whilst delivering top-quality sound in a fun retro package, then the Ditoo-Pro is the perfect choice for you. I know lots of kids or tech-savvy fans would be thrilled to have this as a great addition to their bedside table or desk.


  • Fun retro design
  • Personalised pixel art display
  • Powerful speaker output
  • Range of daily use functions from alarm clock to notifications

From GadgetHead Christmas Gift Guide

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