Divoom Times Gate | Pixel Art Informative Display

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What is Times Gate?

Your Pixel Art Informative Display

Watch the video to see how unique and useful the Time gate is!

Experience the Future Today

At-a-Glance Information: Streamlining Data Access for Efficiency

Customise and consolidate all essential information into a single, easily accessible view.

Let Your Creativity Shine

In addition to informative displays, showcase stunning pixel art designs! Create your own masterpieces or explore over 1000+ captivating designs in our vibrant pixel art community on the Divoom app, easily connectable via 4G or 2G WiFi.

Infuse vibrancy into any space

Elevate any space with Times Gate, a futuristic marvel featuring five full-color LCD pixel displays. 


Customize vibrant 128x128 pixel art and animated GIFs effortlessly with the Divoom Smart App, turning your gaming setup or workspace into a visually stunning masterpiece.

Hear from Top Creators

Your Smart Life Assistant

A perfect gift for your friends and family

Times Gate combines practicality with creativity. By enabling the display of vital information at a glance and providing a platform for personalized pixel art designs, it seamlessly merges functionality with enjoyment. This makes it a considerate and adaptable gift for those who value innovation and artistic expression in their everyday experiences.