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Times Gate Review

Times Gate Review

Inspired by the future of technology, Divoom has introduced the Times Gate display, aimed to transform any gaming set-up and take your desktop to a whole new level of personalised sci-fi creativity...

Why choose Divoom Sling Bag?

Why choose Divoom Sling Bag?

As a company founded on combining style with great function, Divoom has introduced a range of stylish bags and rucksacks which lets you add your own pixel artwork to your accessories. On the marke...

Divoom PIXOO und PIXOO-MAX im Test

Divoom PIXOO undPIXOO-MAXimテスト

n unseremheutigenReviewmöchtenwireuchmitdem Pixoo und Pixxoo-Max zwei Produkte aus dem HauseDivoomvorstellen。 der heutigen Zeit geht es darum、Grafiken und BilderineinermöglichsthohenAuflösungdarzu...

Trên tay Balo Divoom Pixoo Backpack-M: Tích hợp màn LED chơi game, DJ, tín hiệu giao thông, chỉ 3 triệu đồng liệu có tin được không?


TrêntayBaloDivoomPixoo Backpack-M:TíchhợpmànLEDchơigame、DJ、tínhiệugiaothông、chỉ3triệuđồngliệucótinđượckhông? LEVY 2022年3月26日 Khôngcònđơnthuầnlànhữngchiếcbalothôngthường...

The Truth About PIXOO-64 From Divoom


昨年、Divoomという会社のBluetoothスピーカーをレビューしましたが、実際に驚いたのですが、オリジナルでかなり良い音でした。そのため、Divoomが最新の製品に興味があるかどうかを確認するために連絡をとったとき、私たちは確かに興味をそそられました。これはここにあるPixoo 64 です。これは、多くの優れた機能といくつかの制限がある多機能LEDパネルなので、詳しく見ていきましょ...

Powerful Bluetooth speaker? Too-cute pixel art alarm clock?