Don’t let the sleek and minimalist design fool you, the Divoom Timebox-Evo Pixel Art Speaker is a dynamic and constantly evolving gadget which helps you day to day with its alarm clock, stopwatch, notifications, and weather features. However, the Timebox-Evo is so much more, it’s a pixel art display that provides an all-around audio and visual experience with a 16x16 LED pixel screen to bring your artwork to life and make your listening experience so much greater.

Upon opening the Timebox-Evo it may at first look quite understated in an all black with various raised control buttons on the top. However, as soon as you turn it on you see it transform into an impressive pixel art display. To make the most of the Timebox-Evo you need to connect it to the Divoom app where you can make your own pixel art displays or change the screen to show one of its many impressive functions. I personally loved using the Timebox-Evo as a clock on my desk, and I had set it up so that when I received a WhatsApp notification the display would change to show the logo and I could go and check out the message. The range of features is what makes this almost pocket-sized device so impressive, as it really is an all-around useful tool for every day.

However, one of the main features of the Timebox-Evo that I loved was the speaker function. On the opposite side to the pixel art screen is a 6W DSP tuned speaker which delivers exceptional sound quality. For such a small device you might think some quality may be lost, but the Timebox-Evo was compatible with many other larger speakers I’ve tried. A great perk is that via the Divoom app, you can change the pixel art display to move and bounce with the music, giving an all-around great music and visual experience. This makes a great addition to your room as the pixel art looks fun, and the sound quality is great.

I love that the Timebox-Evo is designed to evolve with you and the future, as through the app Divoom are keeping your Timebox updated with the best features and modes to best suit your needs. This ability to constantly evolve is such a key focus for the Timebox-Evo (as the name suggests) which means that not only is your device perfect for now but you know it will be a device which stands the test of time. Therefore, this would make an exceptional gift for anyone who wants a nifty device to help with everyday tasks, allow you to play games and provide great music output. I think anyone would be thrilled to have this waiting for them under the Christmas tree this festive season!


  • Great sound quality and inbuilt music visualiser for great audio experience
  • Customizable pixel art display
  • Constantly evolving thanks to the Divoom app
  • Has a range of uses other than just a speaker – has alarm clock, notifications, weather reports etc.

From Gadget Head Magazine

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