Divoom’s Ditoo: Much More Than a Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom’s Ditoo: Much More Than a Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker | Divoom International

Divoom’s known for their extremely trendy and retro-looking products. From their stylish pixel art backpacks to their wide variety of speakers — each one crafted to aesthetic perfection — the brand is currently catching everyone’s attention, much like one of their latest products — the Ditoo.

Meet Ditoo

The Ditoo is certainly not Divoom‘s first pixel art Bluetooth speaker that’s seen sporting retro vibes. Before this old school PC-inspired speaker made its debut, there was also the Timoo and Tivoo — both of which were also incredibly charming and petite.

Similar to Divoom’s Tivoo, which rocked a retro TV design, Ditoo’s old school PC aesthetic also absolutely succeeds in invoking that nostalgic feeling among those who have lived through the 80s and the 90s.

However, it’s not just the device’s looks, if you’d truly like to kick it old school — and just leave your smartphone out of the picture — it’s still fully possible to enjoy Ditoo’s music capabilities. This is all attainable due to the TF card slot located next to the device’s power button. That’s right, just load your music onto a micro SD card, slot it in, and enjoy your music without ever getting Bluetooth involved. While most people might not take advantage of this feature, it’s still nice to have the option available.

Much more than a Bluetooth speaker

Visuals and physical appearances aside, the Ditoo is so much more than it seems. Aside from its Bluetooth speaker capabilities, this tiny speaker has many other functions, such as:

Despite its small package, the Ditoo is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to its functionality. How many Bluetooth speakers on the market can do all that?

This palm-sized speaker has a built-in battery capacity of 3000mAh, which will last around six to eight hours before its next charge. Its playback time really depends on how you’re using it. For example, you can prolong its battery life by turning off the keyboard light and pixel art screen, if you wish to solely use it as a Bluetooth speaker. However, Divoom recommends plugging the speaker into a direct power source if you’d like to use it as a desktop clock, or pixel art display piece. Speaking of power sources, the Ditoo comes with a USB Type-C charging cable, which means it’s taking a step in the right direction; considering that many brands still continue to release new Bluetooth speakers that rely on micro-USB charging.

Sound quality

Divoom prides itself on their love for both design and sound, and you can immediately gather this just by taking in Ditoo’s design. This device not only has a 45 mm speaker situated at the very top, but you can also clearly see a small bass reflex port at the back of the Ditoo. This port definitely serves its function, as it ensures that users are able to enjoy those lower tones.

With that being said, this speaker is quite small — with the dimensions of 90 x 114 x 121 mm — and this is unfortunately very apparent when it comes to discussing its sound quality.  It does sound like a small speaker, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Ditoo isn’t designed to be the music source for giant parties or large crowds. It’s meant to be the perfect desktop companion, and it absolutely is.

Smart alarm

I’ve personally found myself thoroughly loving the Ditoo’s smart alarm and timer features. While there’s nothing wrong with using my phone as my primary alarm, it’s usually extremely easy for me to tap the screen and fall back into bed — sometimes I even do it without ever waking up! However, I’ve found Ditoo’s smart alarm to be truly effective. For starters, I was absolutely delighted to discover that Ditoo will power on itself just to wake you up with its alarm. This means that you don’t have to worry about leaving the device on through the night, just for that wake-up call.

While you can easily set an alarm through Ditoo, the Divoom app (which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store) allows you to set specific alarms, and they even provide their own alarm sound options too. For example, you’re able to wake up to thunder, a gentle piano melody, or your standard alarm noise. It’s all up to you! I was initially skeptical about some of the more ‘tame’ sound options available, however, it can safely be said that I have not been able to sleep through any one of Ditoo’s alarms. It wakes you gently, but effectively. I must also admit that I found it very useful that Ditoo displays the time, weather forecast, current temperature and date, during, and after the alarm. Users can decide what they would like to see displayed on their Ditoo, through the Divoom app.

Pixel art galore

If you thought that the Ditoo possessed a lot of features on its own, just wait until you’ve installed the accompanying Divoom app. While the application is home to so many more features, it’s main functionalities allow you to truly express your creative side.

Its in-app pixel art creator allows users to design their own pixel art images and animations. So, if you’re a fan of creating your own pixel art, similar to the options available in Animal Crossing, the Divoom app provides you with all the right tools to express your pixel art ideas. However, that’s not all, once you’ve brought your designs to life, you can choose to share it with others in Divoom’s online pixel art community. From there, you can explore other user’s impressive creations, and even download them to display on your Ditoo.

But if creating pixel art isn’t your thing, the Divoom app also has a DJ Mixer, which allows users to create and save their own unique beats.

It’s in a league of its own

At the retail price of $79, the Ditoo serves as the single best pixel-art speakers on the market. There’s honestly no other Bluetooth speaker that possesses such an aesthetic design while providing users with an almost unimaginable list of additional features. After all, can you honestly state that your Bluetooth speaker has an in-built Tetris game, and also functions as a Magic 8-Ball?

YouTube: Divoom Ditoo Official Product Video

Photo credit: The images used have been taken by the author for TechAcute.
Editorial Note: The author tested this product for three days before composing this review.

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