The Pixoo Max takes Divoom’s pixel art style to the next level.

The Pixoo Max takes Divoom’s pixel art style to the next level. | Divoom International

If you’re familiar with Divoom, you’ll know them for their quirky and unique pixel art products, such as their Ditoo Speaker which is designed to look like a retro computer. The Pixoo Max takes the pixel art style to the next level, with a larger, brighter and more colourful display that can add some decoration to your room.

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The Pixoo Max solely functions as a display, it has no speaker playback functionality, so it has a fairly thin design that makes it suitable for a range of different scenarios. The display has a minimal design, constructed entirely from plastic, the front is entirely home to the 32×32 pixel grid which allows you to show pixel art of your choice and the sides are plain aside from two buttons for cycling through the different visual channels as well as a power button and a microphone hole. The display is around 17cm wide and tall, and just under 2cm in thickness.

Divoom Pixoo Max LEDs
The face of the Pixoo Max is entirely LEDs

The back has plenty of holes for ventilation and a recessed USB Type-C port for power and charging the internal battery, the port is recessed so the display can be placed flat against a wall. This recessed trench was a little narrow for some of my third-party cables, so you’ll probably have to use the cable that came with the Pixoo Max, but the included cable provides plenty of length for wherever you may wish to put it and it is braided, but you will need to provide your own power brick.

The display has three different ways to mount and position it. The back has two of the different mounting options, a hook mount for hanging the display on the wall as well as a hole for using the included stick if you wish to have the display on your desk or a surface. Only having a single leg does look a little flimsy but the display is well balanced, and it sits well on a flat surface. The display also has thread mounts in the top and bottom of the display, allowing you to mount it in different places – Divoom’s product photos show the screen in a shop window with suction cups for some digital signage.


The main feature of the Pixoo Max is its 32×32 LED display, which is used to display pixel art and content from the Divoom mobile app. The display looks great and is the best quality display I’ve personally seen on a Divoom product yet, the display is bright and looks vivid and well saturated, so the display can stand out in your room.

To make full use of the display, you’ll want to download the Divoom app to your device – you’ll need to sign up for an account to use it. The Divoom app allows you to customise the default channels, such as changing the clock colour, but its main feature is the ability to create custom designs, whether it be animated or static, and browse the Divoom community gallery to download custom designs to the Pixoo Max, of which there are a very wide selection, the Pixoo Max supports both 16×16 and 32×32 design layouts.

Divoom Pixo Max and Divoom App
The Divoom app is essential for getting the most out of the Pixoo Max

The Divoom app has other features which tie in with the display, allowing for notifications from your mobile device to show up on the screen as well as a range of games which you can play with your phone being the controller, you can even set up Siri Shortcuts on iOS to use Siri to change the speaker design or settings – unfortunately, there is no further integration with other services outside of this but it would be great to see further integration in the future.

The Divoom app really makes the Pixoo Max a feature-packed LED screen and I could see some ways that it could be incorporated into filmmaking as well as being a decorative sidepiece and the community element of the app means that you don’t have to worry about making designs, there’s plenty to choose from.

Battery Life

The Pixoo Max contains a 5,000mAh battery, which provides it with plenty of power to keep going. The battery life will depend on the features of the display you are using, and the type of artwork that you are displaying as brighter artwork will use more power than dimmer artwork, for example


Divoom Pixoo Max
The Pixoo Max is a great decorative item

The Divoom Pixoo Max is a great decoration item to add some retro flair to your room, the display is bright and looks great for displaying pixel art and the integration with the Divoom app makes it easy to ensure that there are new designs that can be shown off on the display.

The Divoom Pixoo Max pixel art display is available to purchase from Divoom.

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